Distraction is a factor in up to 30% of Road Accidents

13 May 16

Distraction is a factor in up to 30% of Road Accidents

It is estimated that distraction is a factor in up to 30% of road accidents across the EU. With many of the most dangerous involving the use of mobile technologies.

Studies have shown that there are four types of distraction for drivers:

  1. Visual – Looking away from the road
  2. Auditory – Having headphones in, or being on the phone
  3. Bio-Mechanical – Reaching around the car for an item
  4. Cognitive – Daydreaming or being overtired.

It was found that drivers can spend up to a third of a trip distracted, which includes everything from talking to a passenger, to looking at objects not related to keeping your car on the road, etc.

The EU commission has identified five ways to tackle the problem, which include publicity campaigns, driver training, enforcement and legislation, road infrastructure changes and technology based actions.

The commission has also wished for the companies behind mobile technologies to have more work done, in regards to reducing driver distractions when using information and communication systems.