6 Tips on Buying a Used Car

19 May 16

6 Tips on Buying a Used Car

Looking to buy a used car?

Regardless of location, we here at Service Point have a few tips that you could follow to ensure that you get a reliable used car. The following advice can be used if dealing with garages or private dealers.

1.      Quality

Since the introduction of the NCT the quality of used car sales has increased. Buying a car from a dealership or garage ensures you are protected by the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980, which grants the same rights as if the car was brand new. Depending on the age of the car, an additional warranty may be needed to reduce repair costs if needed down the line.

2.      Budgeting

The first thing that should be decided as soon as you know you are buying a used car, is to decide on a budget and stick to it. It can be tempting, particularly when in a garage or dealing with a salesman, to go above your budget or means as you check the market. If you are selling your current car to buy another used car then the money you receive on top of that should be factored into your budget.

3.      Assessing the Car

If you are an expert in cars, or are certainly knowledgeable, then great you should know what to look at for when assessing the used car you’re interested in. If not, then make sure when you are checking the car to have person who is experienced with you. The check should be done in daylight, as any issues or blemishes will be more clearly defined then night. Take the car for a test drive, give it a close investigation to the bodywork and interior, and check that no instruments are tampered or altered.

4.      Mechanics

Once you have an interest in purchasing the used car, you should arrange to have your regular and trusted mechanic to assess the car and investigate it further, to ensure that everything is in working order.

5.      Car Documentation

Ask the owner to show you the ownership documentation for the car, if it is Irish the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or if it is an import from the UK the V5C. It is important the name on the ownership documentation is the same as the seller.

If you can, or want, to go deeper into the vehicles history then you can check with a car history company, using the 10 digit VRC number, to check the vehicles prior information such as the: number of previous owners, whether it was a company vehicle, a taxi, there is outstanding finance on it and whether the mileage readings are higher than on the car presently.

6.      Questions

Most importantly is to ask any questions you feel are integral to you purchasing the car. Ask about the car and its history, why they are selling the car, has it been involved in any prior accidents. All these can greatly influence your decision.

These are our general tips when it comes to tackling buying a used car. If you do make a purchase or are thinking about it, we here at Service Point can run a full servicing check on any car and make sure that it is up to specification.